"Chris, I wanted to let you know we have enjoyed doing business with CareersinGear. Your print and online products have helped me decrease my advertising budget from previous years. In the past I would advertise in local daily papers throughout the country.  My sales representative, Robert Gonzales, has been a great industry contact and expert in recruitment advertising. In the beginning of 2008, I gave him a call and with a portion of my budget we started to place ads with CareersinGear. We received more qualified drivers in the 3 month campaign than I have received the entire year in certain large daily papers. We also saved a tremendous amount of money and have been able to put some of those dollars into our increased fuel charges. We only hire drivers with experience and careersingear.com job postings and magazine has been our number one lead source in 2008.  Keep up the great work and I appreciate your help with our recruitment efforts." Michelle Grabowski, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution


Dear Ginger,

 I wanted to let you know that the custom video that you created for Securitas has been received well by our field management and I have gotten a number of positive comments about it.  It was a nice enhancement to an already successful web based recruiting solution.  As you know my company does not do much web abased advertising, so our expertise in this area is not great.  Our traditional method of choice for want ads was in various print publications and was managed locally by our 350 hiring centers across the U.S.

When we entered into our national relationship with Employment Guide for web postings we basically used the print ad mentality in creating our ads.  This did not take advantage of the capabilities of we based solutions and the video did help us understand that better.  The applicants can actually see Securitas Guards in real job situations and can get a much better idea of the type of work they would be applying for.  This helps us drive the right people to our online hiring application and that is one of our primary goals.

So keep bringing us the innovative ideas and I am sure it will translate into even better response rate to our employment ads.


Thanks for you continued support.

Best Regards,

Peter J. Robbins

VP Operations Services

Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.

" Peter J. Robbins, VP Operations Services, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.

"Wendy Clary, I want to let you know that advertising in the careersingear magazine has been great for us in the recruiting dept and Core Carrier has benefited.  We have received additional calls and a multitude of applications on our corecarrier.com website. In turn this has raised our hiring numbers greatly, by a percentage we couldn't believe for one ad and yes some drivers are saying they use the internet connection you provide for the one cost.  The idea of the quarterly magazine and the size has been a big success as you are aware of by now, we have received good comments, easy for a driver to read.  Last but not least.  Thank You for all your help and making the ad look its down to earth best. " Carol Wood, Core Carrier Corp.


Karen, I appreciate all your efforts in providing me with the information regarding the virtual job fair.  I received an overwhelming response from the ad each day.  Day 1 saw about 109 responses, Day 2 I received over 200 and Monday, Day 3, I came in to 238 responses; AWESOME.  Not only did I receive unbelievable response to the ads I actually saw strong viable candidates.  To date I have interviewed and extended offers to 11 of the people I met with on Day 2 of the job fair.  I have several other candidates to interview and feel confident that I will have more offers of employment extended.


I really appreciate how much easier my job is working with you as a rep.  I admire the fact that you keep in constant contact with me even though I may not run an ad with you every time.  I am sure you must be a top producer with your company.  I am not sure who should get this but I certainly hope you will share this with your employer.  It's important to me that they know what a GREAT asset you are to their team.

" Sandra Armistad, Crowne Plaza Hotel

"So far Sprint's relationship with www.EmploymentGuide.com has exceeded our expectations. The cost was extremely attractive; the candidate flow has been plentiful and produced exactly the demographic we are currently seeking.Although we have only been using www.EmploymentGuide.com a short time, it has already produced hires. As the hiring cycle time kicks in, I expect our results to get even better." Sprint

"We have been using the www.EmploymentGuide.com services for about 3-4 months now and since we have started using EG.com we have seen nothing but drastic improvements to our online posting results. Every week, I have to track the number of resumes that we get in and the source from which they came. EG.com has, by far, surpassed all expectations. Compared to other job boards that we have posted on, the results from EG.com outnumber the others 2-to-1. I would recommend this site to any other recruiter that is looking for a dependable, customizable, and results producing resource. Thanks so much." Brooke Dasgupta, Sales Focus, Inc.

"I have been working with the Employment Guide since 2004 and highly recommend their publication and job fairs as a successful and affordable way to advertise for open positions. At Wood Personnel Services we have found that our ad with the Employment Guide provides us with numerous qualified candidates every week and is very cost effective. The Job Fairs are also successful with great locations and huge turn out of quality job seekers. The staff at the Employment Guide is great to work with. They know how to help us find qualified candidates and are very knowledgeable about the Middle Tennessee job market. We are lucky to have such a great partner that helps us meet our recruiting needs while saving us money." Wood Personnel Services

"Thank you so much for being so proactive about advertising in the Employment Guide. We have received the best response by far and the best applicants from the Employment Guide than everything else we have done combined. The calls and people are still coming in strong.I will have to confess that I had serious doubts that The Employment Guide would generate quality applicants. But then when several large contracts came in at once, we needed more people than we could find through other print, radio and job boards we were using. We decided to give one of your specials a try to promote an “Opportunity Night” for recruiting and the results were amazing. Great people with the needed skills started applying the first day the paper was out. Our Opportunity Night was a huge success. We were able to fill our most difficult orders quickly with good quality people. Also, thank you for your help with the job postings on the Internet. It was a nice way to specify skills and requirements for each job we advertised in the paper.While I am saying thank you, I need to extend a big thank you to your production staff. They did a beautiful job on our ad and made the changes needed each week without issue or grumbling.The Employment Guide is now my first choice for recruiting. I look forward to your deadline call next week. Until then and as always…" United Service Companies

"Allied Automotive Group has been working with the Employment Guide.com as we have implemented an intensive driver recruitment program. We are excited to say that we have had excellent response from the first day of our postings. Employment Guide.com has given me a large number of candidates to screen- a much greater number of driver candidates than I have received from any other job board.The expense involved has been worth it, especially when compared to the high costs and time of placing ads nationwide in major newspapers. We strive to ensure a good return on investment on our advertising campaigns, and EG has proven to be an integral part of our recruitment efforts.More importantly, the customer service, and support that I receive from you has been exceptional. I am very pleased with the service and the results that I have gotten from the Employment Guide." Terri F. Boatman, Allied Automotive Group

"I count myself fortunate to have discovered www.EmploymentGuide.com. I was having a tough time finding someone suitable to fill the 'listings administrator' position at my company. Within two days of posting a simple ad on your site, I had a couple dozen applicants. Within a week I had interviewed several and then hired the best candidate. For finding just the right person for the job, quickly and effortlessly, www.EmploymentGuide.com really worked for me. Thanks!" Tor Pinney, President, Anchor Yacht Sales.com

"I would like to personally thank The Employment Guide in Denver for helping set up the employment advertising for our grand opening of the new Wal-Mart Super Center located in Centennial. We went from a trickle of applications coming in to a full house. We needed to fill over 400 positions and the response we received from The Employment Guide's Grand Opening Special was tremendous. The one day ads we were running in the local Denver newspaper cost more than our four week advertising campaign. Our advertising representative was always available and very responsive to our requests. I would certainly recommend The Employment Guide for all of your hiring needs." Debra Shepardson, Wal-Mart

"Though our relationship is young, the Employment Guide team is courteous and has been very flexible in meeting our needs. After working through the technical pieces, our posting process requires no additional effort from the posting manager. Adding Employment Guide to our sourcing options has increased our volume of applicants and at a very reasonable cost. (9/20/06)" Kristy Seidel, Hyatt

"Albert: I wanted to thank you for all your time and energy that you have put into our advertising. Since we have been working together the amount of people that are coming in from the ads you have designed are tremendous. It is not uncommon for us to have between 25 and 30 people a day responding and for that my entire team is very grateful. I look forward to us working together and for the both of us to come up with some new strategies for the New Year that will take United to a new level. (9/20/06)" Gina Neist, United Temps

"Hi Amy,You know, I have had a really busy week, but just wanted you to know, I appreciate your contributions to our organization. Really neat resume you sent! Also, I want to tell you how valuable the Employment Guide Books have been to my youth. There are some of my youth, especially young men, who can’t tolerate “a lot of words”—auditory overstimulation is like “death” to their “listening ears”. So, to have a book that covers resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills and other important employment related needs, especially one that has such a graphically appearing presentation, is like heaven for this youth. One of the sections that I and my clients have found particularly helpful is the section on “Body Language 101”. Since many of them are highly visual, but may have low social skills, this section provides them with the “edge” that they may be lacking to get someone to hire them. So, once again, thank you, thank you!! I will be on vacation until next Thursday, but look forward to speaking with you again. (9/20/06)" Terry Banta, JSSG

"I attended the Employment Guide's first transportation job fair at Johnston Community College. The applicant turnout was great! The qualityof the applicants for this niche market was high. I didn't expect that the first try on this targeted group would yield the volume and quantity I received. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. A good job fair gets me one hire. With the people that I am working with now, I expect 3+ hires from this fair. I also appreciated the opportunity to show off our truck, even if we didn't win the Best in Show Award. Applicants had an opportunity to see what we really do. Sign me up for the next one!" Amanda Liimatainen, Loomis, Fargo & Co

"I am extending my greatest appreciation to a publication that offers reputable leads such as yours. Since I have been scouting your advertisements, and they have been beneficial leads to my family members. I informed two of my sons to one of your advertisers and they both were hired. I told another family member about another advertiser, and they got an interview. Thank You." Job Scooper

"I would like to commend you and your company on the great professional service that you provided. Unlike other resume services that promise you the world and deliver nothing, your service gave me twenty applicants to choose from the first day I signed on. I can and will recommend you and your service to anyone out there who is tired of thumbing through resumes and coming up empty. Your service has provided me with people who have the exact qualifications that I am looking for in an employee without having to sift through the unqualified applicants. Thank You." Jim Hammock, Protection Teams Security

"Since I began using the www.EmploymentGuide.com service I have contacted about 15 drivers directly. Of those I have hired 1 and made a job offer to another. I have been very pleased with the number and quality of the applicants. Thank you." Brooks Rugemer, Hahn Transportation, Inc

"Our sponsorship in the www.EmploymentGuide.com newsletter provided a great opportunity for us to reach jobseekers. The response was excellent." Peter Weddle, Editor & Publisher, WEDDLE's

"The responses I have received have been phenomenal! Prior to your service I just got one or two responses a day. I plan to renew for another month." Marie Falkenberg, Fresh Air for All

"Were there an industry interface usability award, this little gem [www.EmploymentGuide.com] would be a contender for the 'innovation that made a difference' award." John Sumser, Electronic Recruiting News, Interbiznet Bugler, October '01

"The Waterford Marriott has been advertising in the Employment Guide [print publication] for over a year. About 80% of the applicants that walk in the door state that the Employment Guide was where they heard about our job openings. We also get many applicants that state they found their copy of the Employment Guide on a college campus. The Employment Guide is a valuable recruiting tool for my hotel, and the value and price of the ad make it very affordable. A one-day ad in the daily paper costs me more than the cost of an ad that is in circulation for 7 days at the Employment Guide." Grayson A. Davis, Human Resources Manager, The Waterford Marriott

"We have been using www.EmploymentGuide.com for the past year. We have found them to be reliable and quality oriented. Any changes or modifications have always been done in a expediently manner. Their customer service is excellent and very professional. We have been extremely satisfied with the site and the response we have gotten. I would certainly recommend this company for your hiring needs." Julie Cervantes, Project Manager, Market Makers

"I wanted to take the time to tell you how effective your advertising space is. My ad has only been online for a few hours and already we've added 5 new people to our work at home program. I cannot believe it because my ad is not even finished being designed yet and it doesn't even look all that good right now. Thank you so much for providing such a cost effective way for us to share our business.I do classified advertising in over a hundred publications. Your ad rep Cheryl Hickok is BY FAR THE NICEST ad rep I have EVER worked with. Her professionalism is great but it is her helpful, patient and friendly nature that has helped me to feel at home with your services. As well she gave me some really good advice, which I'm sure is why my ad is doing so well." CM, Southern California

"We are very happy with the services of www.EmploymentGuide.com, especially their customer service and sales teams. They are very helpful, accurate and friendly. Most importantly, they are very quick in what they do. They respond to us quickly, answer our questions quickly, get a job done for us quickly and precisely. We always appreciate their work. It is not too much to say that we cannot get our job done without them." Law Offices of Nadur Kumar

"I would like to personally thank you for all your help setting up our employment advertising. We had no idea, nor did we expect the tremendous response we would receive from our ad. In just over two weeks of our ad being online with www.EmploymentGuide.com, we have successfully hired over 40 extremely qualified outside sales reps. The best part is the people we have hired are already out in the field making sales for our company! I would recommend www.EmploymentGuide.com to any business that needs to hire top-notch employees… just be prepared for the overwhelming response! One more thing… Our business website that www.EmploymentGuide.com set up for us is outstanding. You guys get 5 stars all around!I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help you have provided me the last few weeks. I have received a tremendous response from our ad. We are extremely pleased with the results and your amazing customer service. Thank you so much." Bobbi Selkow, Asset Management Services Division, MAXIMUS, Inc.

"I could not believe how fast the response was to our advertisement for an office manager. We filled the job in less than 4 days. This was a very cost effective way to hire people. We will continue to use you for help whenever we are hiring." Tim Halter, President, Arrow Industrial Supply, Inc.

"I count myself fortunate to have discovered www.EmploymentGuide.com. I was having a tough time finding someone suitable to fill the 'listings administrator' position at my company. Within two days of posting a simple ad on your site, I had a couple dozen applicants. Within a week I had interviewed several and then hired the best candidate. For finding just the right person for the job, quickly and effortlessly, www.EmploymentGuide.com really worked for me. Thanks!" Tor Pinney, President, Anchor Yacht Sales.com

"I find that advertising on www.EmploymentGuide.com is a profitable site for me to run my ads. I've been advertising with them for over 6 months now and plan to continue! I also run three different ads, so you know they must be generating a lot of traffic." G.H., Consumer Info

"I was somewhat skeptical but eager to try new avenues of advertising. I noticed a substantial increase in lead flow with Employment Guide. EG.com was indeed cost effective and impacting to the bottom line." Ron Lohrmann, City Advertising